U.S. Immigration Lawyer How to immigrate to USA best way to immigrate to usa

U.S. Immigration Lawyer How to immigrate to USA best way to immigrate to usa

The vast country of the United States is a country made up mostly of immigrants, and many people immigrate to this country every year. The most important thing about immigrating to the United States is that it has a very high visa diversity. Therefore, an immigration lawyer in the United States must have sufficient knowledge of immigration laws in the United States and have sufficient experience in obtaining various types of US visas. Identifying and choosing the type of visa is one of the most important steps in immigrating to the United States, which is done by a qualified American immigration lawyer. This is after checking the initial conditions of the applicant and also checking his eligibility for the best type of visa.

US Immigration Lawyer and its services

There are generally seven general ways to immigrate to the United States, and different visas are one of the seven main methods. Immigration attorneys in the United States should be able to provide the necessary services in the way of the immigration you are considering. Because some immigration attorneys only provide immigration services in certain ways, you should be aware of the services of your immigration attorney. Here we refer to the types of immigration routes in the United States and we will introduce them briefly to you dear ones.

Staying in America through work

Individuals who have a job offer or job offer from an employer in the United States can obtain a US work visa by submitting the necessary documents, including their job offer, to the US Embassy. The applicant must also have approval from the employment office for their job offer.

Staying in the United States through study

Those who have an admission to schools, universities or educational institutions in the United States can obtain a US student visa. These people will receive a visa for the duration of their studies and this visa will be extended if they continue their studies. To study in the United States, having the right age and not having a lot of study chat is one of the important things that greatly increases the chances of getting a visa. People who do not have such conditions are not recommended to study in the United States.

Staying by investing in the United States

To invest in the United States, an applicant must invest $ 1 million. Now, if in areas that are rural or their unemployment rate is higher than a certain limit, the amount of investment may be less than this amount. The investment must be made in such a way that your capital is at risk, and if these conditions exist for your investment, you will have a better chance of obtaining an investment visa in the United States. Another investment in the United States is starting a business that a person can start a business in the United States and apply for a visa after a few years of starting a business.

special people

The United States has immigration opportunities for those with extraordinary abilities in sports, arts, education, and science. These people can qualify for a special visa in the United States if they have extraordinary abilities. To obtain this type of visa, the applicant must have significant achievements and must also show the documents related to these achievements.

Staying in America by birth

People born in the United States can become citizens of the United States. In fact, the laws of the United States regarding the birth of children are based on soil. This means that children born in the United States will receive US citizenship, and people born outside the United States will not be able to obtain US citizenship except in certain circumstances.

Stay in the United States through marriage

There are two ways to obtain US residency and citizenship through marriage. The first way is for the applicant to obtain a US engagement visa before marriage, and after entering the United States and marrying his or her fiancé, to apply for US citizenship, and after qualifying for citizenship, can also apply for citizenship. . The second way is if the person is already married to an American citizen and here they apply for family reunification, after which the family reunification visa is issued to the applicant after submitting the documents related to the US embassy.

Residence in the United States through asylum

According to the legal definition, a refugee is a person who has been tortured or persecuted because of his or her beliefs, race, religion, creed, or membership in political groups, or whose life is in danger, and the asylum seeker has a strong fear of being tortured. Is harassment. People with such conditions can apply for asylum in the United States. MIE Consulting does not provide any asylum services and does not provide any advice in this regard and this section is for public information only.

U.S. Immigration Lawyer How to immigrate to USA

US immigration lawyer and its introduction

Immigration is a very sensitive and precise thing that requires enough experience to obtain different types of visas. Experienced lawyers are the best option for you to use as an immigration consultant and lawyer in the United States because they have enough experience in the field of visas. Work experience and background can be one of the most important issues to show the lawyer’s expertise and experience. In other words, you can see the visas obtained by a lawyer or immigration consultant as a strong reason for the lawyer’s expertise and efficiency. Having an attorney’s license or official immigration counseling certificates is another important issue in choosing an immigration lawyer.

US Immigration Lawyer and Its Benefits

As mentioned, the United States has multiple visas and immigration laws are very extensive. Therefore, people who do not have enough experience in immigration are advised to use immigration lawyers to go through the immigration process. Because they have enough experience in this field and they know how to proceed with the case in order to achieve a better result in the end. Therefore, one of the advantages of an U.S. immigration lawyer is that he has a better chance of obtaining a visa. Also, knowing how to prepare the necessary documents can be very useful in immigration. On the other hand, the immigration lawyer can also provide you with the necessary instructions for conducting a visa interview, which is one of the main steps in obtaining a visa.

Certainly, having such privileges from an immigration lawyer will greatly ease the applicants’ imagination on the immigration route and greatly reduce the risk of visa rejection. Another advantage of an immigration lawyer is that he or she notifies you if you do not qualify for immigration and obtains the type of visa you want. In other words, if you do not qualify for a visa, a reliable immigration lawyer will tell you this from the beginning and you will not waste time and money unnecessarily on the migration route.

US immigration lawyer and trust it

One of the most important issues when immigrating to the United States is choosing a lawyer to immigrate to the United States, and choosing a lawyer is always possible with mutual trust. How and what immigration lawyers should be trusted now? The answer is that a reputable immigration lawyer has a power of attorney from the destination country and has gone through many steps to get it. But having a license to practice law may not be enough to immigrate. This means that in addition to having a good legal experience and experience, it can be a good sign to gain the applicant’s trust. Therefore, Malekpour Consulting Institute (MIA) with more than 15 years of brilliant experience and a variety of visas from different countries, can help you with immigration to the United States. You can follow the immigration activities by following the Instagram page and the website of the institute and gain the necessary knowledge.

US Immigration Lawyer and its relationship with international lawyers

When you want to apply for immigration, you will be in contact with an immigration agency or directly with a lawyer. In this way, some immigration agencies can carry out immigration activities with many lawyers in different countries. At what level do different institutions work with lawyers is a very important issue. Because immigration is a very specialized job and experienced and well-known lawyers with high ranks are the best options for immigration.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Immigrating to America

How to find a good immigration lawyer to immigrate to the United States?

You can choose your immigration lawyer by reviewing the work experience of the immigration lawyer and the number of successful cases of the lawyer.

What are the benefits of using an immigration lawyer in the United States?

Immigration attorneys can better handle the immigration process better because of their work experience in previous cases. They can also avoid major losses because immigration is time consuming and costly.

Do we need a lawyer to immigrate to the United States?

To immigrate to a country like the United States, which is particularly sensitive when issuing visas to Iranians, it is best to use an immigration lawyer.

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