University of ETH Zurich Scholarships for International students

University of ETH Zurich Scholarships for International students

ETH Zurich University started in the second half of the 19th century in Zurich, Switzerland. It is one of the best universities in the world in the field of engineering, technology and natural sciences. According to the latest QS ranking in 2020, the university is ranked 6th. As such, it is the second top university in Europe after Oxford. Most of the university’s students have won Nobel Prizes and prestigious scientific awards. These include Albert Einstein and the American Richard Hack.

ETH Zurich University has 16 departments. 72% of the students of this university are studying in postgraduate studies. More than 16,000 students from 80 countries are studying in this educational institution. 400 professors in all levels of bachelor, master, teacher training and doctorate of this center are teaching students.

Every year thousands of students apply to ETH Zurich University and the best ones get here. The ETH Zurich University of Switzerland teaches in various scientific and research fields such as management and social sciences, mathematics, natural sciences and engineering. This top university in the world has played an effective role in the fields of economics, society and politics. Note that most undergraduate courses are taught in English. Some are taught in both English and German and a few are taught in German only.

ETH Zurich scholarships international students

Scholarship ETH Zurich University Switzerland

Students can apply for funds, scholarships and scholarships at different levels by applying to ETH Zurich University. These scholarships include the cost of education and living for the student and his family. Of course, these scholarships do not cover all the costs of education and living. To receive a University of Zurich Scholarships, you must submit your official documents to this university stating that you cannot afford it. You can calculate the amount of scholarship from here.

Graduate Scholarship

You can also receive a Swiss government scholarship to study at ETH Zurich Switzerland. Of course, this scholarship is for doctoral students (with a degree) and requires university approval. There are two types of scholarships available for outstanding students who wish to pursue a master’s degree:

Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Program (ESOP)

ETH Zurich-D Scholarship

Top graduate students can use the university’s scholarship, which covers all tuition and living expenses. To receive this scholarship, you must have the following items at the time of applying to ETH Zurich University:

  • Excellent grades in the undergraduate course, 10% of which have an A grade.
  • Put a contact number on your resume or CV to be available to the university.
  • Cover letter
  • Master’s thesis proposal that you have written yourself and is free from any plagiarism. If it contains this content, you will be removed from the scholarship.
  • Two letters of recommendation from previous professors that must be submitted online.

These documents must be submitted by December 15. If you are applying for more than one field and you are applying for a scholarship, you must fill out a separate application for each. If you have already taken a postgraduate course at this university, you will not be able to participate in the ETH Zurich Scholarship. The scholarship includes CHF 12,000 per semester. There is also a scholarship of CHF 3,000 for each semester or a grant of CHF 500 to 600 on a monthly basis. These amounts are paid for up to three or four semesters from the time you start studying at ETH Zurich University.

The evaluation and selection of scholarship students is done by the registration committee of this university and the final decision is made by the president of this university. The number of admissions depends on the annual budget of the university. The result will be announced in mid-March.

Terms of application of ETH Zurich University of Switzerland

ETH Zurich University applications vary from course to course. Each course has prerequisites and conditions that you must comply with or have. Here is a separate guide for each course to follow.

Undergraduate application conditions:

Applying for ETH Zurich University and entering it for the bachelor’s degree is done in 3 ways: with entrance exam, without entrance exam, with comprehensive entrance exam. It is not clear which of these cases you should enroll in until your documents and enrollment form are viewed by this university.

But if you need to take the test, you should know that the purpose of this test is to make sure you have enough knowledge and skills to succeed at this university. To participate in this course, you must be fluent in German. Of course, some courses may be taught in English or French. But German is one of the prerequisites for enrolling in a bachelor’s degree.

Tip about applying to this university:

You must be proficient in German before applying to ETH Zurich.
The university does not offer German language courses; So you have to apply for German language tests in Iran.
If you have an entrance exam to enter ETH Zurich University, you must take the German language exam by November 15, 2020. And if you do not have an entrance exam, you have until September 11 to get a passing score in a language test.
Less than two or five years have passed since you received your German language certificate.

Documents that should not have been received for more than 2 years:

GoETH Zuriche-Zertifikat test with a minimum score of C1 or TestDaF with a minimum score of 4 in all sections; ZSD Zertifikat with minimum C1 in oral and written test; DSH-3 (German language test for university applicants for foreign applicants).

Documents that should not have been received for more than 5 years:

GoETH Zuriche-Zertifikat test certificate with a minimum score of C2 (all sections must be passed)

Conditions for applying for a master’s degree:

Fill out the registration form online
Send the necessary documents by the announced deadline
Have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent
Must be from a reputable and well-known university in the country of origin
Have studied full-time for a bachelor’s degree for at least 3 years.
Having good or excellent grades in the previous academic year plays an important role. Prerequisites that you must pass in the postgraduate course are determined based on these grades.
Know English or German

Doctoral application conditions:

Applying for and studying at ETH Zurich is research-oriented. Of course, there are also mandatory courses that must be taken to get the necessary knowledge and skills in the subject area. At the end of this course, a test will be taken in which you will be called a doctor after passing it.

Most of the university’s doctoral students also work as research assistants and are contracted. Working there does not mean that you are a PhD student. You have to do the steps of participating in it separately. To do this, you must first fill out the doctoral registration form and submit the necessary documents. Your supervisor, who is a faculty member at the same university, must sign your registration form; Without this your request will be rejected.

You can become a doctoral student at this university at your own expense or at another institution. If you want to do your dissertation outside of this university, in addition to the necessary documents and dissertation plan, you must also fill out a special form for this work. This form is an agreement that is made with your tutor. If you have another tutor, you must also enter the required items in this form.

You should find the dissertation supervisor yourself and get his signature. The education department of this university will not help you in this regard. To find a tutor, go to your faculty website and find professors who are ready to accept PhD students. You can even correspond with professors who have worked in your field of research.

ETH Zurich PhD scholarship

Required documents for ETH University application

Undergraduate qualifications:

  • First, print, fill out and sign the registration form. Then upload the scanned it along with other documents at the time of registration.
  • Resume or CV that includes all your educational and professional history. Start in high school until you enroll in this
  • university. Name all your credentials, including the ones you have obtained and are pursuing. Write this resume in the language in which your major is taught.
  • Copy of diploma and pre-university degree
  • Letter of recommendation from the previous university or training center along with the courses you have taken.
  • A temporary diploma if you are still studying, including the name of the field and the degree you will receive. Make sure it is in the original language.
  • Approved transcripts
  • Degree in German (excellent grades in this language make it easy to apply to ETH)
  • Copy of passport, only the pages that have the photo, name and date of birth or the image on the back and on the ID card.
  • Swiss visa and residence permit: To obtain a Swiss visa, go to the Swiss consulate in Iran and apply for a D visa.

Postgraduate qualifications

  • Copy of bachelor’s degree
  • Approved transcripts
  • TOEFL iBT language certificate with a score of 100 or IELTS with a score of 7, minimum level C1
  • Visa and passport

Doctoral degree qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or equivalent, or any type of MBA
  • Thesis topic and design
  • Supervisor Acceptance Certificate
  • Visa and passport

Important note:

1- ETH University does not cover the cost of doctoral studies, the only way to reduce the cost of doctoral studies is to work as an assistant in this center.

2- This university does not have dormitories, but the ETH University Housing Office helps you find a place to live. It is better to look for a house and room outside the city of Zurich to reduce costs.

Frequently Asked Questions about ETH Applications

How long is the doctoral course at this university?

Studying at ETH University for a doctorate usually takes 4 years. Of course, in different disciplines it may be more or less. For example, a doctorate in economics takes 2 years and the fields of arts and humanities take 5 to 7 years.

Is it free to study for a doctorate at this university?

No. The tuition fee for a doctorate at this training center is CHF 1,000 to CHF 2,000. But sometimes the position of assistant and work for the doctoral course announces that in this case there is no need to pay tuition.

Is it difficult to enter this university?

Yes, it can be said that applying to ETH is scientifically difficult. In addition to good knowledge and skills, you must have a GPA above 3.

Why is ETH one of the best universities?

Because this university welcomes scientific research a lot and is allocated a large budget. Research grants can be easily obtained here. Graduate students of this scientific center receive more funding than other top universities in the world.

Last recommendation

Definitely, according to the points we mentioned from ETH Zurich University and its faculties, you would like to continue your education in this educational center. To do this, first have the necessary planning to get good grades in your current course and work on your language skills according to the requirements for applying to ETH Zurich University. Also, if you are applying for a postgraduate course, according to the documents required to apply, be sure to have scientific and research activities in your field of study. Try to monitor the research fields of the professors of this university and be inspired by them so that your work will be easier to apply.

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