University of Helsinki scholarship 2022 International student Grant

University of Helsinki scholarship

Studied at the University of Helsinki, Finland with Grant and Scholarship

Finland has a high level of educational quality and its universities are among the top universities in the world. The University of Helsinki is one of the largest and most important universities in Finland. The university was founded in 1640. At present, the number of students in this university reaches 67,000. In the QS ranking of world universities in 2019, the University of Finland is ranked 110th in the world and 1st in Finland. Also, in the Times ranking in 2019, the University of Helsinki is ranked 99th in the world. The University of Helsinki is made up of a number of independent institutions such as research centers and libraries, the most important of which are the National Library of Finland and the University of Helsinki Library. In the continuation of this article, we will deal with the University of Helsinki scholarship and we will give you useful information in this regard.

The university consists of eleven faculties which are:

1. Faculty of Theology
2. School of Law
3. School of Medicine
4. School of Art
5. Faculty of Science
6. School of Pharmacy
7. Faculty of Biological Sciences and Environment
8. Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry
9. Faculty of Educational Sciences
10. Faculty of Social Sciences
11. School of Veterinary Medicine

Scholarship conditions for the University of Helsinki, Finland:

This scholarship from Finland University of Helsinki is offered to international PhD students in Chemistry and Materials Science. The amount of this Finnish scholarship is from 2,200 to 2,500 euros per month.

University of Helsinki international students requirements

1. Having a master’s degree in chemistry or a field related to chemistry
2. Having sufficient knowledge and experience in laboratory chemistry, synthesis, analytical techniques and other experimental methods
3. Having a strong motivation for research
4. Having strong writing and listening skills in English
required documents :

1. Having a resume
2. Having transcripts and diplomas
3. Having two letters of recommendation
4. Having a cover letter (1 page)
The validity of this Finnish scholarship is until July 31, 2019 (August 9, 1398).

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