Turkey Student Visa Requirements for Pakistani Nigeria Bangladeshi citizens

Turkey Student Visa Requirements

Turkey is a country located in the west of Asia. It is a country with a population of 82 million people with an area of about 783,356 square kilometers. Turkey borders Iran, Georgia, Armenia, Iraq, Syria, Greece, and Bulgaria. Most people in Turkey are Muslim and the official language in this country is Turkish. Ankara is the capital of Turkey and the major cities of Turkey are Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya and Konya. The currency of Turkey is the lira.
There are reputable universities in Turkey and many students immigrate and study in Turkey every year by obtaining a Turkish student visa. The country has prestigious universities that have high rankings. Some Turkish universities are in direct contact with world-renowned universities, including Harvard University in the United States, and follow the educational systems of these universities.

In the following, we will review Turkey Student Visa Requirements for Pakistani Nigeria Bangladeshi citizens

Turkish student visa requirements for for Pakistani Nigeria Bangladeshi

International students wishing to continue their studies at Turkish universities must first obtain a Turkish student visa. Obtaining a Turkish student visa requires a university agreement to apply for student admission. International students must apply to the nearest Turkish embassy to obtain a Turkish student visa after receiving a letter of acceptance from the university of their choice in Turkey. Dear applicants, you can see the conditions of the Turkish student visa in 2021 in the table below:
Item Description
The main condition for obtaining a visa is to have a university invitation
Student visa type includes two types of single-entry or multiple-entry
Application processing time is maximum 3 months
Visa application fee $ 48 (US dollars)

The process of obtaining a student visa from Turkey

As with any immigration process, a student immigration to Turkey and obtaining a student visa from this country is subject to compliance with the requirements and conditions, including in various stages until obtaining a Turkish student visa. Dear friends, according to the schematic image below, you can get acquainted with the whole process of obtaining a student visa in Turkey in 2021. As can be seen, the first step is to examine the requirements for the applicant to be fully competent. In the second stage, the applicant must receive his / her letter of acceptance from the University of Turkey and, by completing the visa application form, prepare for the embassy appointment for an interview. In the last step, the applicant arrives at the Turkish Embassy on the day of the interview and pays the visa fee and provides the necessary documents to conduct an interview with the embassy officer.

Documents required to obtain a Turkish student visa

After receiving the letter of admission, students must go to the Turkish Embassy with the following documents to obtain a Turkish student visa:

Provide a valid passport
Presenting two 3 × 4 photos
Submission of university admission letter in Turkey
Provide proof of return ticket from Turkey
Provide proof of financial ability of the student for the period of study in Turkey.
Payment of Turkish student visa
Provide evidence that the student has no criminal record
Provide medical records of the student based on his health

Students can enter Turkey after obtaining a student visa and must immediately obtain a student residence permit in this country. For this purpose, students must refer to the Foreign Relations Office in this country and obtain a one-year residence permit by presenting their documents. Also, students must apply to the relevant office 60 days before the expiration of this credit to extend the residence and take action to extend it.

Necessary documents for obtaining admission to Turkey

As mentioned earlier in the section of documents required to obtain a Turkish student visa in 2021, one of the most important documents for it is to have a letter of acceptance from a Turkish university. Turkish universities also require specific degrees for different disciplines and levels, but the generalities of these degrees are the same and are:

Individual resume that includes academic and non-academic achievements such as winning sports medals and so on.
Official translation of all documents mentioned in the resume.
Official translation of transcripts of the last degree
Teachers’ letter of recommendation
Motivation letter that must be written by the applicant and ultimately honesty.
Payment of document review fee or so-called application fee

Cost of living in Turkey

In addition to paying their university tuition, students must be able to pay for their living expenses during their studies. In the past, Turkish universities did not have dormitories for students, but now they offer dormitories to students for rent. Other living expenses in Turkey are almost equal to the living expenses in Iran. Dear applicants, in the following table, in addition to comparing the cost of studying in Turkey in English and Turkish, you can also get acquainted with the average cost in this country:
Annual fee in US dollars ($)
Tuition in Turkey in English $ 600 to $ 1500
Tuition in Turkey in Turkish $ 240 to $ 730
(Monthly) cost of living $ 300 to $ 500

As shown in the table above, the cost of living in Turkey is between $ 300 and $ 500 (dollars) per month, which may even reach $ 800 (dollars) even in large cities such as Istanbul. Among the types of living expenses in Turkey, the cost of buying from the market with 35% is the highest cost of living in Turkey.

Work after studying in Turkey

The unemployment rate in Turkey in 2021 was about 15.1%; This means that the number of job opportunities in this country is lower compared to Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, etc., where the unemployment rate is 3.2%, 2.9%, 4.2% and 6.8%, respectively. However, those who have graduated from the top universities in Turkey will have no problem finding a job, especially when they are fluent in Istanbul Turkish.



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