Swedish institute scholarship 2022/2023 Fully Funded for international students

Swedish institute scholarship 2022/2023 Fully Funded

Swedish institute scholarship conditions for international students, and Swedish full fund conditions have been scientifically and expertly examined in this article. We have tried to address all the points and ambiguities regarding the Swedish scholarship in a simple and concise manner. There are always questions about studying in Sweden through scholarships for applicants, such as what are the conditions for obtaining a Swedish scholarship? What are the documents required for the Swedish institute scholarship?

These questions have been answered in this article, which was written with the help of prominent Swedish lawyers and also using up-to-date and reliable information from reliable websites of this country. Sweden is one of those European countries where the scientific level of its universities is remarkable for the students of the world and it has many of the desired criteria for a person to consider Sweden for study and residence. Sweden is a country with a high welfare level, calm and law-abiding people, good economic conditions and social security, as well as universities with a high scientific level.

Types of scholarships in Sweden

Every year, the government organization SI (Swedish Institute) announces a number of scholarships for students who intend to study in this country, and this number has been different in different years. Due to the conditions of receiving this scholarship and the competition in this direction Most of the students give up this scholarship and study in Swedish universities under normal conditions. It is safe to say that it is impossible for Iranian students to receive a scholarship before being admitted to Swedish universities. Currently, this type of scholarship includes There are students from certain countries that are in the group of low-income countries or are in economic crisis or war.

So, the best thing is for dear students to first receive their student acceptance for one of the Swedish universities, and after entering the university and starting their studies, in the next stage, apply for a scholarship for that university or other universities. The requirement for success in this method is to have excellent academic qualifications and resume from the student. In general, there are two types of scholarships in Sweden: government and university scholarships. Swedish government scholarship or government organization scholarship is a scholarship that is set up to attract international students to study in Sweden.

The purpose of creating these scholarships is the possibility of free education for talented people. Obtaining this scholarship requires strong and special educational and scientific conditions. Also, many universities in Sweden, at their own discretion, have considered scholarships with special conditions for international students in order to attract students with a high academic level.

Government scholarship of the government organization (SI (Swedish Institute).

This scholarship is for non-European students and includes the student’s education and living expenses. This scholarship offers up to SEK 10,000 per month for a master’s degree. Also, the student’s travel expenses will be covered by the university. The application deadline for this scholarship is in February and the announcement of the result of the application is in April. In order to receive this scholarship, you must first register on the university admissions website and then follow the procedures for obtaining a Swedish scholarship.

The conditions for obtaining a Swedish scholarship are having a supervisor, high academic level, ISI articles and a high language score. It should be noted that according to the official website of studying in Sweden, the Swedish government scholarship is not awarded to Iranian citizens.

Swedish undergraduate scholarship

As mentioned, it is not possible to get a scholarship at the undergraduate level in Sweden, but studying at the undergraduate level in this country is not without merit. Undergraduate studies in Sweden require a diploma and are conducted in both Swedish and English. The minimum language qualification required for undergraduate studies in Sweden is IELTS 6. This course is 3 years old and needs to complete 180 lessons.

Undergraduate semesters are in January and September. In this course, students will be allowed to work 20 hours during their studies. In the following sections, the conditions for obtaining scholarships for master’s and doctoral degrees are given. Among the universities that offer scholarships for master’s degree in Sweden, we can mention Malmö, Lund, Umeå and Liskoping.

Swedish scholarship for master’s degree

Applicants for a Swedish scholarship at the master’s level should be aware of the conditions for obtaining it. Currently, there are more than 900 scholarship opportunities for foreign students. Master’s courses in Sweden are 2 years long and require 60 to 120 course units depending on the type of master’s course (one-year or two-year).

Studying in the master’s course in Sweden is possible in both theoretical and research ways and it is necessary to submit a thesis for graduation. Among the requirements for obtaining a scholarship at this stage is having a bachelor’s degree, IELTS 7 or higher and a high academic level.

Swedish PhD scholarship

It is the most important and main scholarship awarded by Sweden for PhD students. To study at the doctoral level, you need conditions such as having a supervisor, valid scientific articles, IELTS 7 and above along with a strong academic resume, research resume, and a master’s degree. Doctoral studies in Sweden are 4 years long and require 240 credits.

The student is required to study in Sweden during the first 2 years of study and after that he will have the possibility of student and project work during his studies. This work is a fixed-term contract with insurance and certain salaries. Students of this course will be able to convert their study visa to a work visa easier than the other courses.

Sweden Full Fund scholarship conditions

Until 2010, Sweden was one of the few European countries where you could study for free. After that, the Swedish government passed a law that charges tuition and application fees for students from non-EU/EEA countries, which are supplemented by Swedish scholarship programs. A significant number of Swedish universities still offer scholarships in the form of tuition waivers for international students. Full Scholarships or Swedish Full Fund Scholarships are the holy grail of funding opportunities that cover almost everything for the full three or four years of university. Your tuition and living expenses are covered by the provider, leaving you free to focus on your studies and social life without worrying about the cost. The full fund scholarship is available for all levels of education. The Swedish Master’s Full Fund is available for international students at many universities, and students with a strong academic resume and high GPA can take advantage of this type of Swedish scholarship. One of the conditions of the Swedish Full Fund scholarship is to have a strong academic resume. These scholarships are very competitive and you must be at a high academic level to use them.

How much do scholarships cover the cost of studying in Sweden?

Sweden is a European country and is known for quality education due to its top institutions. There are about 50 universities and colleges in Sweden. Most of them are run by the state, the Swedish government. You can apply for a scholarship for any program at any Swedish university, but you must meet the Swedish scholarship requirements. A wide range of academic courses are offered by Swedish institutions that are eligible for scholarships. In Sweden, there are many scholarships offered by universities, which you can find out about by visiting the university website. These scholarships are competitive and you must have a strong resume to be able to use them. The amount of this Swedish scholarship is determined according to the university, degree and field. You may be wondering how much the scholarships cover the cost of studying in Sweden. In response, it should be said that these scholarships may cover the entire tuition fee or a part of it. Also, in some cases, in addition to tuition fees, they may also pay students’ living expenses.

Documents required to get a scholarship in Sweden

Undoubtedly, studying in Sweden and obtaining a scholarship in this country requires having and presenting the required documents, which must be correct and translated. Submission of documents must be done online and the forms must be completed accurately and completely. The documents required to obtain a Swedish scholarship are as follows:

motivational letter
Academic resume
Providing two letters based on work records
Proof of knowledge and work experience in the field of management and leadership
Copy of valid passport

Language certificate required for Swedish scholarship

In Sweden, scholarships are offered at different levels. In the meantime, the language degree required for the Swedish scholarship is determined according to your chosen course. The language certificate required for the undergraduate scholarship is IELTS 6, for the master’s and doctoral degrees, IELTS 7 and above.

Age requirements for Swedish scholarship

Another condition of the Swedish scholarship is the age requirement for receiving the Swedish scholarship. It may seem that there are no age requirements for studying in Sweden, and applicants of any age can apply to study at the country’s universities. Therefore, there is no age requirement for Swedish scholarship and students can apply for Swedish scholarship at any age. But due to the competitiveness of the Swedish scholarship, among applicants who have the same conditions, applicants who are younger are given priority. Applicants up to the age of 24 have a high chance to get a Swedish scholarship at the undergraduate level, and to get a Swedish scholarship at the master’s level, it can be said that being 28 years old increases the chance of the applicant.

Swedish study visa conditions

After successfully accepting the Swedish scholarship, the required documents for obtaining the Swedish study visa should be prepared and delivered to the Swedish embassy along with the acceptance letter. International students applying to study in Sweden must apply for a study visa of this country.

Requirements for obtaining a Swedish study visa

Full-time course of study in college
Having an acceptance letter from the university
Proof of ability to pay living expenses
Passport valid for at least six months

Documents required to obtain a Swedish student visa

Copy of applicant’s passport
Having a residence permit in Sweden
Copy of health insurance
A letter proving the ability to pay taxes from the bank
passport photo

Cost of living in Sweden

In order to study in Sweden with a scholarship, you should be aware of the cost of living in this country. Also, don’t expect that you will be able to cover all the expenses of living in Sweden with a part-time job. It should be noted that the cost of living will vary depending on the lifestyle of the person and the city of residence. According to the Swedish Migration Agency, the average cost of living is SEK 8,190 per month.

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