Study in Azerbaijan for International and Pakistani Students

Study in Azerbaijan for International Students

Study conditions in Azerbaijan for International Students

Obtain comprehensive information on the methods of immigration to Azerbaijan. As in other countries of the world, there are different ways to immigrate to Azerbaijan, including education, work, investment, marriage, etc. In this article, we intend to examine the method of studying in Azerbaijan at different stages. If you are also applying to study in Azerbaijan, we recommend that you read this article carefully.

This article is a comprehensive review of Study in Azerbaijan for International Students and Pakistani Students.

New conditions for studying in Baku

As mentioned above, Azerbaijan is one of Iran’s northern neighbors, it is also bordered by Russia to the north, Georgia to the northwest, and Armenia and Turkey to the west. Azerbaijan with an area of ​​86,600 square kilometers has a population of about ten million people. This population, which is mostly Muslim, speaks Azerbaijani Turkish. Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan and the largest city of this country. The best universities of Azerbaijan, such as Caspian University, Caucasus University, etc. are also located in this city. After the end of the school period, which we will describe in detail, people can continue their education in three levels: bachelor, master and doctorate. Study conditions are available in Azerbaijan in Turkish, Russian and English. International students can study in English in this country.

High school education in Azerbaijan

If you are planning to study in Azerbaijan at the pre-university level, it is good to get acquainted with the educational system of this country before taking any action. Children in this country from the age of 6 to 15 study for free and of course compulsorily. From the age of 6, children attend primary school for four years. From the age of 10 to 14, children are educated in general secondary school. Many speaking and writing skills are taught to nurture students’ creativity and develop ideation at this stage. Finally, in high school, children complete their pre-university education. This course, which includes the 10th and 11th years, teaches students more specialized technical subjects, humanities and experimental sciences. During these years, children learn communication skills in several languages.

Undergraduate education in Azerbaijan

After graduating from high school, it is the first academic bachelor’s degree. Fortunately, in addition to the official language of the country, studying in Azerbaijani universities is also common in English. This course, just like in our country, lasted between 3 to 4 years and applicants can study in various fields such as engineering, business, art and architecture, animal sciences and so on. It is necessary to know that in order to study in the universities of this country, it is necessary to present the diplomas of the previous levels and the IELTS degree.

Study for a master’s degree in Azerbaijan

It is also possible to study for a master’s degree in the universities of Azerbaijan in English, provided that the applicants are able to submit the necessary documents to the university for admission in the field of their choice. The most important of these degrees are undergraduate degree, IELTS degree, resume or CV, motivation letter and letter of recommendation from professors. The duration of study in this course is between 1.5 to 2 years and students study in the fields of mathematics, marketing, economics, social sciences, history, accounting and …

Study for doctorate in Azerbaijan

Doctoral studies in Azerbaijan last between 3 years and more, depending on whether they are full-time or part-time. The difference between the admission process at this stage and the previous ones is that the applicant must correspond with the professors of the relevant department before applying for admission and choose his supervisor according to the proposal and research approach. After the approval of the supervisor, it is time to apply for formal admission by the university, by presenting documents such as motivation letters, letters of recommendation from professors, IELTS degree, academic records of previous courses and …

Reputable universities of Azerbaijan

When people decide to immigrate to study in another country, it is necessary to have information about the universities of the destination country. One of the factors that can be important here is the prestige of the country’s universities worldwide. Therefore, we intend to review the ranking of universities in Azerbaijan for those who intend to study in Azerbaijan. Certainly not in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom. You may say that the universities of these countries are not free and your immigration process will cost more, but it is good to know that after graduating from some reputable universities, you will be quickly attracted to the labor market. Most presidents and those with high political positions are graduates of universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, and so on. Of course, keep in mind that education is almost free in countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Norway. Universities in these countries are also very prestigious. The following table shows the ranking of Azerbaijani universities:

Baku State University / Bakı Dövlət Universiteti
ADA University
Khazar University / Xəzər Universitəsi
Azerbaijan State University of Economics / Azərbaycan Dövlət İqtisad Universiteti
Azerbaijan State University of Oil Industry
Azerbaijan Medical University / Azərbaycan Tibb Universiteti
Azerbaijan Technical University / Azərbaycan Texniki Universiteti
Baku Engineering University (Qafqaz University)
Odlar Yurdu University / Odlar Yurdu Universiteti
Ganja State University / Gəncə Dövlət Universiteti
Academy of the Ministry of Emergency Situations / Fövqəladə Hallar Nazirliyinin Akademiyası
Nakhchivan State University / Naxçıvan Dövlət Universiteti
Baku Higher Oil School / Bakı Ali Neft Məktəbi
Azerbaijan University of Languages
Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction / Azərbaycan Memarlıq və İnşaat Universiteti

Tuition fees in Azerbaijan

Students planning to study abroad should consider the cost of studying and living in that country before choosing a destination country. Perhaps one of the main reasons for students to decide to study in Azerbaijan is the low cost of living and tuition fees of the universities of this country. Certainly the cost of different educational levels is different and in each level the tuition varies depending on the field. But in general, it can be said that preparatory courses cost between $ 600 and $ 2,000 per year, bachelor’s degree between $ 1,000 and $ 2,500, postgraduate courses between $ 1,000 to $ 4,000, and finally doctoral tuition around $ 1,500 to $ 4,000,000 per year. Be. In addition to tuition, another area that a student must plan financially is the cost of living in the destination country.

Student visa in Azerbaijan

In order to apply for a mobile visa, the following documents are required. Dear friends, this article was prepared by the professional team of Malekpour Legal Collection (MIE Austria). Please be sure to mention the source when using it.
Required documents for study conditions in Azerbaijan

Original and copy of identification documents of the person applying for the accompanying visa

Copy of the passport of the visa applicant with at least 3 months validity

Payment of visa issuance fee

Mobile visa application form with two copies

Copy of Azerbaijani student residence permit

Deposit invoice payment receipt

Letter of financial ability

Residence and citizenship of Azerbaijan after graduation

One of the most important questions for any international student is whether it is possible to stay in the destination country after graduation. Does he have a chance to find a job after studying? What are the conditions for obtaining citizenship of the destination country? Unfortunately, in Azerbaijan, unlike other countries in the world such as Britain, Canada, Germany, Finland, etc., after studying, they do not give a person a chance to look for a job, and if a student does not find a full-time job, he can not stay in this country. Also in this country, citizenship is transferred only from parents to children. Thus, foreigners, whether they have come to Azerbaijan to study in Azerbaijan or who have chosen other means of immigration, will not be able to obtain Azerbaijani citizenship. In other countries, if you have lived in that country for at least 6 and finally 10 years, you can apply for citizenship.

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