Scholarship in Italy for international students fully funded

Scholarship in Italy for international students fully funded

Scholarship conditions in Italy for international students

There are several ways to immigrate to foreign countries, one of which is study migration. Most people choose this method at a younger age and migrate to their destination country. Italy is one of the most popular countries and is the destination of many international students. The existence of scholarships in Italy is one of the factors that make this country attractive. If you are also planning to immigrate to Italy to study and receive a scholarship in Italy for international students fully funded, read this article carefully. Deciding on immigration is not easy and you should consider all aspects of your decision. It is true that scholarships in Italy have created very favorable conditions, but you should be sure of your situation after studying. Will you be able to stay in this country? Thus, we suggest you to read other articles on the site and for a more accurate assessment of your situation, contact jobportalnews and consult our experts for free.

General conditions for scholarships in Italy for international students

There are different types of scholarships in Italy that each applicant can apply for depending on the circumstances and the desired degree. The education system in Italy is one of the highest quality systems in the European Union. It is a member of the United Nations and offers scholarships based on its commitments, especially for students from developing countries. Getting a bachelor’s degree scholarship is not easy for international students, although it is not impossible. Some of these programs, in addition to covering your tuition, also cover other costs such as student insurance and living expenses. These scholarships are sometimes defined by the Italian government or local governments in different provinces or by universities, each with different terms and amounts. In the following, we will examine the exact conditions of some of these programs.

IELTS score for studying in Italy for international students

When you are applying for a scholarship in Italy, you must also be admitted to one of the universities in this country in order to apply for your student visa. Courses in this country are taught in English and Italian, which depending on the degree you want to show a level of language proficiency. In the undergraduate course, which lasts 4 years, it is necessary to present an IELTS certificate at level 6 or an Italian language certificate at level B1. In the two-year master’s degree, your level is shown in English with a score of 6.5 and B2 in Italian. The doctoral degree depends on your field for 3 to 4 years and having IELTS 7 is one of the requirements for admission in this degree. Some universities offer you admission to study in Italy on a conditional basis without passing a language course in Italy, but keep in mind that this type of admission increases your visa risk.

As mentioned above, scholarships in Italy have different programs. Some of these programs are offered to Italian students studying in Italy or abroad, and some are defined for international students, especially from developing countries, which you may also know as the Italian Third World Scholarship.. The following is a description of the most important programs:

Italian government scholarships

The Italian government has defined scholarships for Italian students abroad and foreign students inside the country. These scholarships are intended for some postgraduate courses, higher education courses in art, music and dance, doctoral and research courses under the supervision of the University Supervisor, and Italian culture and language courses. Read more about Italian government scholarships for foreign students hear.

Invest your talent in Italy

It is a program defined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Development of Italy and is offered to students from Azerbaijan, Colombia, Egypt, Utopia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Turkey, Tunisia and Vietnam. Complete their skills and expertise through graduate courses in English in fields such as advanced technology, architecture, design, economics and management. Scholarships are awarded to the best students and are known as the Italian Third World Scholarship.

EDISU Piedmont Scholarships

Non-EU students enrolled in full-time undergraduate, graduate and doctoral courses at a Piedmont University can apply for the scholarship if they meet the requirements. Part-time students can only benefit from this scholarship at the undergraduate level. The amount of this scholarship varies and includes accommodation services.

Bologna University Scholarship for International Students

Bologna university scholarships for international students is defined for eligible undergraduate and graduate students. Each grant is for one academic year and, in addition to the tuition waiver, has a total amount of € 11,059.

Pavia University Scholarship for students from developing countries

In order to develop international cooperation, the university has provided scholarships for outstanding students from developing countries who intend to pursue a master’s degree in English. Each scholarship is worth about 8,000 euros.

Scholarship from Polytechnic University of Milan

Each year, the university offers a number of scholarships to internationally gifted students enrolled in master’s degree programs in science. The tuition of these students is eliminated and they are paid between 5 and 10 thousand Euros every year.

Scholarship of Turin Polytechnic University

The scholarships of this university are defined in fields such as architecture and engineering.

Padova University Scholarship

The university offers scholarships at all levels for low-income Italian and foreign students with excellent resumes. This scholarship includes cash and some services such as accommodation and food.

Age requirements of Italian provincial scholarship

Scholarships in Italy and its different programs have different conditions. For example, Italian government scholarships for master’s, doctoral, and research projects have their own age restrictions. Applicants must have a maximum age of 28 years for the master’s degree and a maximum of 30 years for the doctoral degree. For those who intend to participate in research projects under the supervision of a supervisor, this restriction has been reduced and until the age of 40 it will be possible to benefit from the scholarship offered for these programs. Different programs will definitely have different age requirements. In some programs defined by a university, the maximum age for undergraduate and graduate students is 30 years. Therefore, if you intend to use these programs, it is necessary to check their age before any planning to benefit from a scholarship in Italy.

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