Netherlands scholarships for international students 2022-2023

Netherlands scholarships for international students

Scholarship in the Netherlands and an introduction to it

The Netherlands is a relatively small country in Western Europe with a population of about 17 million. In fact, the Netherlands is the 22nd most populous country in the world and also the country with the highest population density in Europe. The Netherlands is currently pursuing an international strategy to attract a growing number of international students and immigrants to study in the Netherlands. The purpose of this process is to strengthen the position of the country’s economic knowledge and beyond to attract foreign talent as an essential tool to combat the aging of Dutch society and accompany the shortage of labor in this country. While almost half of the Dutch population is over 50 years old by 2019, it is projected to reach more than this by 2050.

Thus, in recent years, the Netherlands has stepped up its efforts to attract international students, so that Dutch companies and universities can provide conditions for retaining talented international students in the Dutch labor market and facilitating the transfer of students from university to the labor market. Despite all these definitions, the Netherlands is one of the most popular student destinations in the world, which is why every year many applicants apply to study and get scholarships in the Netherlands from all over the world. In this article, we have tried to provide you with scientific and sufficient information about the methods and conditions of obtaining a Netherlands scholarships for international students.

Education system in the Netherlands

The Dutch government’s immigration and job opportunities after graduation have helped dramatically increase the number of international students. The number of international students enrolled only in Dutch research universities has increased by 332% in the last 12 years. One of the reasons for the popularity of studying in the Netherlands is that it offers the largest number of English language programs in this country compared to other European countries, as well as scholarships in this country. The country’s top 12 universities offer 104 undergraduate and 930 graduate programs in English.

Although the Netherlands is a relatively small country, Dutch universities shine well in the top international rankings, and 7 Dutch universities are in the top 100 according to the Times Higher Education Universities. The Netherlands consists of 12 provinces, each with its own unique cultural and linguistic features, yet education is centrally administered by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in The Hague. The organization sets the overall regulatory framework for education and also provides funding for all levels of education.

Compulsory education in the Netherlands starts at the age of five. However, all children enter primary school at the age of four. Compulsory schooling officially ends at the age of 16. Compulsory education has been extended from 2007 until the age of 18. The school year lasts from September to August and in some areas until July. According to the Dutch education system, there are two semesters per academic year. The language of instruction in schools is Dutch, but in higher education it is Dutch and English.

Netherlands scholarships

There are several universities in the Netherlands that offer scholarships to students from outside the European Economic Area for higher education, which we have introduced below:

Leiden University Scholarships

The University of Leiden Scholarship Program (LExS) is offered to outstanding non-EU / EEA students pursuing undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of Leiden. Scholarships are as follows: € 10,000 in tuition, € 15,000 in tuition or full tuition, excluding the cost of housing.
Radood University Scholarship Program
Radboud Scholarship Program

A certain number of talented students who are outside the European Economic Area can use this program. This postgraduate scholarship is offered in English at Radboud Nijmegen University. This scholarship actually means a reduction in the cost of your university tuition and no cash will be credited to your account. In addition, the Radboud Scholarship option covers other costs such as visa, accommodation and health insurance.

Utrecht University Scholarships

The Utrecht Scholarship provides excellent students with the opportunity to continue their undergraduate and graduate studies in a number of selected fields at Utrecht University. Utrecht Higher Scholarships sometimes include only tuition, and in some cases tuition in addition to € 11,000 in living expenses.

Eric Blomink Scholarships at the University of Groningen

The Eric Blomink Scholarship is offered at the postgraduate level for a period of 1 or 2 years at the University of Groningen, and is actually used as a stipend for tuition, international travel and the cost of books, life and health insurance.

TU Delft Excellence Scholarships

Delft University of Technology is another Dutch university that offers scholarships to international students. The Justus & Louise van Effen Scholarship aims to provide financial support to internationally talented students at TU Delft University. In addition to the cost of university tuition, this scholarship also includes a living allowance.

Scholarships Amsterdam (Netherlands)

The Amsterdam Scholarship (AES) is offered to outstanding students from outside the European Union for a postgraduate degree at the University of Amsterdam. AES is a full scholarship of € 25,000 that covers tuition and living expenses.
University of Amsterdam VU Scholarship Program

The VU Scholarship Program (VUFP) is offered to top talented students from outside the EU and the European Economic Area at VU University. € 15,000 is offered to students as a tuition grant.

The Hague Scholarship for the World

The University of The Hague offers scholarships to outstanding international students who intend to pursue their undergraduate studies at the University. Scholarships make up approximately two-thirds of the total university tuition in the first year and are awarded only once per student.

Scholarship for undergraduate studies at Netherlands Universities

Undergraduate study at a Dutch university takes about 3 to 4 years. To study at the undergraduate level, students need to present an IELTS language certificate with a score of 6. If undergraduate students have an English language level close to IELTS 6, they can complete their language course in the Netherlands and then enter the country’s universities. Undergraduate tuition at Dutch universities costs around € 8,000 a year. Applicants to the undergraduate program at the University of the Netherlands must complete 240 credits in order to qualify for a bachelor’s degree in the country. Undergraduate students in the Netherlands can also work 20 hours a week as a student and thus cover part of their living expenses.

It should be noted that awarding a scholarship for a bachelor’s degree is very difficult and is only possible for those students who present a very strong scientific and research resume.

Scholarships for postgraduate studies Master degree at Netherlands universities

As mentioned before, it is possible to receive a scholarship for a master’s degree in some universities in this country. Of course, what is very important about awarding university scholarships in European countries is that the resumes of applicants in terms of science and work experience should have highlights. Studying for a master’s degree at a Dutch university costs around € 9,000 to € 12,000 a year, and an applicant must pass IELTS 6.5 in terms of English language skills. Applicants for a postgraduate scholarship in the Netherlands can work 30 hours a week as a student.

Scholarships for doctoral studies PhD degree at Netherlands universities

It is possible for many applicants to study for a doctoral scholarship in this country. Applicants for doctoral studies at Dutch universities, like in the rest of the world, need a supervisor or supervisor, to whom the applicant must first submit his / her academic and research resume. Because in the doctoral program, the student works as an assistant supervisor and even receives a salary from his supervisor in exchange for doing research. So what is important is the approval of the tutor or supervisor. Studying for a doctorate requires a language degree at IELTS 7 and above, and the applicant is allowed to work 40 hours a week.

International Universities of the Netherlands

Studying in the Netherlands is becoming more and more popular among international students, as in addition to scholarships, English-language study programs are offered at prestigious Dutch universities, which have a prominent place in the world rankings. . Several institutes and universities across the Netherlands have high rankings and a worldwide reputation for scientific discoveries and research. The table below shows the top 10 universities in the Netherlands in accordance with the global evaluation criteria.

Documents required to obtain a Netherlands scholarship

Applicants for scholarships in the Netherlands must meet certain criteria and conditions to be eligible for scholarships in the Netherlands:

Citizenship of a country that is not a member of the European Economic Area.

Apply for a full-time undergraduate or graduate program at a full-time higher education institution in the Netherlands.

Since the conditions of each field and university to receive a scholarship are different, read the necessary prerequisites for the desired field and university on the university website.

Do not have a degree from a Dutch educational institution.

Netherlands student visa

Scholarship applicants in the Netherlands will need to submit documents to obtain a student visa in addition to being admitted to a Dutch university. Of course, it is worth mentioning that in the first place, receiving admission and paying the university fee is a priority, and after the admission is issued, the applicant can apply for a Dutch student visa by submitting the following documents. Required documents include:

Provide a passport and a letter of financial means

Provide student insurance

Presenting the original and translating the diplomas

Provide English language documents

Submission of acceptance letter from the desired university

Submitting letters of recommendation from professors as well as presenting resumes

Complete the required forms

Answers to frequently asked questions about scholarships in the Netherlands

Is it possible for international students to receive a scholarship in the Netherlands?

Yes. If you have the necessary conditions in the universities of the Netherlands, any person with Dutch or foreign citizenship can receive a scholarship.

Will all tuition fees be free upon receiving a scholarship in the Netherlands?

Tuition fees vary from university to university in the Netherlands. At Utrecht University, for example, in some cases there are fees in addition to tuition.

Is it possible to work while studying in the Netherlands while studying?

Yes. Of course, this depends on the degree at which you are studying.

Do we have to learn Dutch to study at Dutch universities?

No. In many prestigious universities in the Netherlands, many study programs are taught in English.

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