Italian government scholarships for foreign students 2022 – 2023

Italian government scholarships for foreign students

Italian government scholarships

In recent years, Italy has attracted a lot of attention from those interested in studying in Europe. Undoubtedly, one of the reasons for this interest is the existence of an Italian government scholarships for foreign students. A scholarship that has made Italy the only country that pays tuition and living allowances to students interested in studying in Italy without a resume. This article introduces the Italian government scholarships for foreign students and how to receive it. Please follow us to the end of the article.

The Italian Government Scholarship is awarded to the student based on the income of the student’s family and the financial situation of the head of the family.

The provincial scholarship paid by the province where the student is studying in Italy is awarded to students who do not have a high income in their home country and are unable to pay tuition or live in Italy. With this scholarship, students can pay all or part of the tuition fees. This scholarship is paid only on the basis of financial documents provided by the student and does not require any academic resume or isi articles.

The Italian government scholarships for foreign students amounts to € 5,200 in cash plus a 70% discount on accommodation, self-service and a traffic card. Student tuition in this scholarship will be completely eliminated and students will not pay a fee for tuition. In some cities, if a student is given a dormitory, the cost of the dormitory is automatically deducted from the scholarship amount and the student is paid 2,500 to 3,000 euros.

The first step to getting a scholarship is to get a definite admission from one of Italy’s public universities. After that, the student must prepare the scholarship documents (income of the head, family members, residence status, etc.) in order to receive the provincial scholarship.

By submitting these documents, the student describes his / her living conditions and applies for a scholarship.

Frequently Asked Questions About Italian Government Scholarships

1- Does getting this scholarship create an obligation for the student?

No. The Italian Government Scholarship does not create any obligation for the student, whether to provide services to the University or the Government of Italy or to carry out research work, and the only obligation of the student is to earn a certain amount of credits in each academic year (approximately half of the credits). One year) to pass successfully. In this way, the student will be able to leave Italy for other countries after completing the course without any obligation.

2- What is the amount of government scholarship?

The amount of the Italian government scholarship is 5200 Euros per year (with a small difference between different provinces) plus the complete elimination of tuition and discount accommodation up to 70%. In addition, self-service and traffic card discounts are also benefits of the provincial scholarship.

3- What is the purpose of paying this scholarship?

The Italian government’s goal of paying the Italian government scholarship is to help students who are able to study in the country but are in financial difficulty. Students receiving this scholarship are from third world countries.

4- Are government scholarships awarded to all fields?

Yes, this scholarship is awarded to all disciplines. Students in any field admitted to Italian public universities can apply for scholarships.

5- Is the degree effective in getting a government scholarship?

No. The Italian Government Scholarship is awarded to all levels, including bachelor, master and doctorate. Students can receive a scholarship once for each level, ie a student who spends three of his / her undergraduate (bachelor, master and doctoral) courses in Italy can receive a scholarship once for each level.

6- Does receiving a provincial scholarship require a research resume, high grade point average, isi and و articles?

No. Receiving an Italian government scholarship is based solely on the financial documentation provided by the student and having a strong or weak resume has no effect on receiving it.

7- How is the scholarship paid to the student?

The initial installment of the Italian Government Scholarship, which is usually half of the total cost, is paid to the student’s account or given to the student in the form of a credit card approximately one month after the announcement of the preliminary results, which will be approximately before the New Year. The second installment of the scholarship will be paid after the second semester.

8- What is the chance of receiving scholarships for foreign students?

According to the Italian Scholarship Organization, any student whose supervisor earns less than € 10,000 a year will have a chance to receive a scholarship.

9- Can students whose supervisor’s income is higher than the set amount also apply for a scholarship?

Yes, students with higher-than-expected supervisor incomes can also receive the scholarship by providing additional documentation.

Financial darkness required to apply for an Italian government scholarship

Student supervisor paycheck
A lease in the name of a student supervisor must
Translation of the student’s identity card and his / her supervisor
Euro equivalent certificate of the Central Bank

Note: If the student is the head of the family, he / she must translate his / her salary slip and take the lease in his / her name.

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