Italian government scholarship 2022-2023

Italian government scholarship

Italian Government Scholarship

If you are planning to study in Italy, make sure that this Italian government scholarship is awarded to those admitted to Italian public universities for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, as well as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing and other related fields. .

A government scholarship is a grant awarded to a student by the province where he or she is studying. Students who are unable to pay for their studies and living in Italy can benefit from this scholarship by submitting certain financial documents to the government scholarship organization where they intend to study. Approximately at the end of June of each year, the scholarship organization of each province issues a statement in which the documents required for obtaining the scholarship, the financial deciles according to which the scholarship is given to the student in full or in part, and all the details of the government scholarship are described. It will be given.

Based on the financial documents provided by the student, the scholarship organization calculates a number called the Ize number for each student, which indicates the financial situation of each student and what income decile he is in. In general, the lower the Ize number, the higher the student’s chances of receiving a full scholarship. The following parameters have a direct effect on determining the Ize number of each person:

Annual salary of the student’s guardian or himself (if he declares himself a guardian)
Number of family members who are financially covered by the guardian,
If they are homeowners, the area of ​​the house and if the house is rented, the amount of cost in the lease per month

Preparing government scholarship documents and applying for it requires precise details that Jobportalnews experts will accompany you through all the steps of obtaining this scholarship, including preparing the documents and applying for this scholarship.

Does the government scholarship include university tuition?

Yes, one of the services that a government scholarship provides to a student is the full payment of tuition. Tuition for a student in Italy depends on the degree, field of study and university in question. This scholarship is only available to applicants from Italian public universities. For students who start their studies in the September semester, the first installment of the scholarship will be paid to the student in November or early December, so the student is required to pay for his first semester before depositing the first intention, at the beginning of the academic year. Second, the amount of the first semester tuition will be paid to the student’s account with tax deduction.

How much does the scholarship cover the student’s tuition and living expenses?

If the Italian government scholarship is awarded in full to the student (approximately € 5,000 per year + university tuition fee), it will cover the entire tuition fee, which will be awarded to the student for a specified period of time in proportion to the academic year required for each major. Takes. As a result, if the student is not able to complete his / her studies within the specified time, he / she will not be awarded a scholarship for additional years of study.
The cost of living and renting a house or dormitory in Italy depends on the province and city in which the student intends to study. Rent in Italy starts from 200 euros per month (minimum amount), which increases depending on the neighborhood, the facilities of the house and whether the room is single or double. The student usually rents the house for 10 months in each academic year, so the scholarship fully covers the student’s annual living expenses, and if the house expenses are managed economically, some of the scholarship amount remains for the student.
For the cost of food and meals, the student will be charged a daily amount of approximately 5 Euros, and he can make his daily purchases from the supermarkets under the contract of the university with a discount. In Italy, in general, the price of food in supermarkets and weekly markets is not expensive. Finally, it should be noted that the total cost of living of each person depends entirely on his way of life, and in general the cost of education and student life in Italy compared to other countries It is very convenient and affordable.

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