Finland Scholarships for International students 2022-2023 Fully Funded

Finland Scholarships for International students

Finland government scholarship 2021/2022

Eligibility for a Finland Scholarships

Scholarship migration is one of the most popular ways, especially for those who do not want to spend a lot of money. Finland is one of the Scandinavian countries that has always been at the top in terms of quality of social life and happiness of its people. There are two different aspects to consider when it comes to the cost of studying in Finland. First of all is tuition and tuition fees. If you are a non-EU student, you should also consider the cost of daily living. Budget planning for studying in Finland is an important part of preparing for the trip ahead.

Universities offer a wide range of scholarship options for international undergraduate and graduate students. There are also scholarship programs for the doctoral level. But the most important thing to get a scholarship is a strong resume of the applicant. High GPA, good language level as well as additional activities such as patents or scientific papers all have a great impact on getting a scholarship. In this article, we will take a closer look at the conditions for obtaining a Finland Scholarships.

Finland scholarships for undergraduate students

For undergraduate programs, you need a high school diploma. The UAS bachelor’s degree lasts between 3.5 and 4.5 years. The university bachelor’s degree lasts for 3 years. Finnish higher education institutions offer a wide range of scholarship options for non-EU students who are required to pay tuition. Each university has its own scholarship system, so the type of scholarship available and any tuition you are expected to pay depends on the institution and the program. You usually apply for a scholarship from the university at the same time as applying for admission. Finland has two types of higher education institutions: universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS). Programs are offered in English at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels.

Who can apply for a bachelor’s degree? In most cases, you can apply for a bachelor’s degree in Finland if you are eligible for higher education in your home country. One of the advantages of studying in Finland is that you can also study in Finland without a language degree by having high school-level math knowledge by taking the IELTS online test. Another advantage is that students can apply to study in Finland at the same time. Also, the cost of studying in this country is about 8 or 9 thousand Euros, which considering that by studying in this country you can enjoy free Finnish language education, learning any level of Finnish language will reduce your tuition for the following years. شد. Another thing to keep in mind is that in some fields, such as mechanical engineering and manufacturing engineering, studying in Finland will guarantee your work after graduation. Undergraduate studies are provided by universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS). At the end of the application period and any entrance exam, the universities you have applied to will process your scholarship application and make the final decision on admission. After being accepted as a student, you will receive an official letter of acceptance from the institution. Remember that if you are required to pay tuition, you are also eligible to apply for a scholarship from the university.

Each university has its own scholarship program, so the university or UAS you are applying to can advise you on the scholarships they offer. Tuition for non-European students to study in Finland is around € 10,000 per year. Scholarships for international students are mostly offered on a merit basis and there are specific quotas for each program. Undergraduate scholarships are not easily available, but if you are learning Finnish in the first year, you can study for free in Finnish in the second year, but this is only for university tuition and does not include living allowance. There are very limited scholarships for undergraduates:

Tamper University of Applied Sciences Scholarships

Tamper University Applied Science Scholarships are open to international students. This scholarship allows bachelor’s degree programs in science, engineering, business, and information technology to be taught at Tamper University of Applied Sciences. Tampere University tuition scholarships include 100% or 50% tuition. Temper University covers 100% of the tuition for academic excellence scholarships and includes an annual € 7,000 scholarship to cover students’ living expenses, and the scholarship lasts for 2 years.

Finland scholarships for postgraduate studies Master’s degree

To be eligible for a master’s degree, you must complete at least one of the following:

Have an International Bachelor’s Degree (IB)

Have a European Bachelor’s Degree (EB)

Have a Diploma in Reifeprüfung (RP) or a Deutsche Internationale Abitur (DIA)

Have taken professional technical courses for three years or more.

A foreign degree that certifies the qualification of higher education studies in the country.

To study for a master’s degree, you must have a bachelor’s degree. You must have at least 2 years of experience in this field. A UAS master’s degree lasts between 1 and 1.5 years, and a university master’s degree requires 2 years of full-time study.

Finland government scholarship 2021/2022

University of Helsinki Scholarships

University of Helsinki Scholarships for International Students The best scholarship programs for non-EU and EEA senior students who want to pursue a master’s program at the University of Helsinki. You can get the following grants when applying to the University of Helsinki Master’s degree programs.

Full full fund grant (tuition + € 10,000)

A full scholarship of € 10,000

The scholarship is awarded for two years. After the first academic year, your studies will be evaluated and, depending on your progress, the scholarship will continue.

Masters Scholarships from the University of Oulu for International Students

Scholarship value: Provides tuition costs and does not cover living expenses such as accommodation, food and transportation. All students are required to support themselves. Duration: 1 year

Aalto University Scholarship

Aalto University offers a wide range of postgraduate programs taught entirely in English to all nationalities. Alto University offers a number of full scholarships for non-EU / EEA (international) citizens in these programs. Scholarships are awarded in merit order. The scholarship covers a maximum of two academic years and includes tuition, living and study expenses.

Category A (gold)

Full scholarship € 16,000 (€ 8,000 per academic year)

Category B (silver)

Full scholarship € 16,000 (€ 8,000 per academic year)

Category C (bronze)

50% full scholarship € 8,000 (€ 4,000 per academic year)

Scholarship Duration: The length of the study period

Finland Scholarships for Doctoral Program PhD

For doctoral programs, you need a master’s degree to qualify. The doctoral course in Finland usually lasts about four years. There are no tuition fees at the doctoral level, but you must support yourself. Universities may have their own doctoral funding programs, and they can usually guide you through the potential fundraising of your research.

EDUFI Scholarship for PhD students or young researchers outside Finland


Initial funding to complete a PhD research project in Finland, complete a dual degree or study for compelling reasons. You must apply for the grant five months before the start of the scholarship.

Scholarship duration:

3–12 months, visits 3–6 months

Grant size:

1,500 euros

UNU-WIDER PhD Scholarship Program

The UNU-WIDER PhD Scholarship Program allows registered PhD students to use the resources and facilities available at UNU-WIDER for their doctoral dissertation or dissertation research and to collaborate with researchers in areas of mutual interest. . The Visiting PhD program is very competitive and only a limited number of associates are eligible. In recent years, one percent of all programs have been successful.

UNU-WIDER provides travel grants to cover travel expenses to the Doctorate, Medical Insurance Institute (for medical and hospital services due to illness and accident while staying at UNU-WIDER). And pays € 1,600 a month to cover living expenses in Helsinki during their studies.

International universities in Finland for scholarships

Finland has always been a popular destination for education. The high level of education and social welfare as well as the economic and political stability of this country along with the low unemployment rate have caused the demand for education in this country to be high.

Qualifications and requirements for a Finland scholarship

The process of submitting documents is always one of the most important stages of migration. Applicants intending to immigrate through Finland to obtain a scholarship must keep in mind that the scholarship may be obtained by learning Finnish or applying to study in English, but there is also a step towards obtaining a Finland student visa. Be sure to consider. The step where you submit your documents and details along with the letter of acceptance from the university or training center to the Finland embassy to be issued a visa if approved. Here are some of these documents:

Qualifications required for a Finland scholarship

Passport standard photo

Provide grades and transcripts, preferably in translated form

Presentation of ISI articles

Completed scholarship application form in Finnish

Identity documents such as identity card, national card and passport valid with a translation into English or Finnish

Finland Scholarship and Visa Requirements

As mentioned, after applying for admission from a university, college or educational center to apply for a scholarship, applicants must obtain a visa to enter Finland. In simpler terms, the university centers scientifically assess the applicant’s eligibility and assess whether he or she is worth the investment and time spent on the person, and the Finnish embassy and government assess the applicant in terms of security, finances and completeness. Evaluate the authenticity of the documents. The advantage of a Finland student visa is that the chance of obtaining a student visa for Iranians is above 80 or 90% if the conditions are met. It should be noted that it is better to consult with expert consultants in this field before any action, because if a person is rejected by the government of this country for any reason, it will be a little more complicated to apply again, so it is better to consult with an expert before And consult an immigration lawyer to avoid unintended consequences. The duration of the student visa for applicants from outside the EU and the Schengen area is one year and can be extended upon completion. They must also apply to the Government of Finland for financial security and if a person enters Finland. The illegal and illegitimate job will not show an amount of approximately € 7,000 in its account to give this assurance to the government. This letter is also called the letter of financial capability.

Fully Funded Scholarship in Finland 2021 – 2022

Answers to frequently asked questions about obtaining a Finland scholarship

Is it possible to get a scholarship in Finland?

Yes, it is possible to get a scholarship from a Finland university with a strong resume.

Is it possible to receive a living allowance in Finland in addition to a scholarship?

Yes, in some Finland universities you can also receive a scholarship, but it is based on the applicant’s qualifications and resume.

What universities in Finland offer scholarships?

The universities of Tamper, Helsinki and Alto are among the most prestigious universities in Finland for scholarships.

Is it possible to get a scholarship without a language degree?

It is very unlikely that you will receive a scholarship from Finland without a language degree, and you will need to be fluent in Finnish to study for free.

Finland Scholarship and Concluding Remarks

In this article, we take a closer look at Finland scholarships. As mentioned, most scholarships in Finland are available at the master’s and doctoral levels and are very limited at the undergraduate level. To receive a scholarship, a person’s resume must be very strong and have a very good motivation to be able to participate in this competition and receive a scholarship.


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