Demanded Vacancies

Demanded vacancy tool is to help guide students on career pathways that meet their individual needs and goals and allow them to take advantage of employment opportunities available in our country. Each vacancy contains data pertaining to each occupation, as well as how that job was designated as “in-demand.”

All occupations in the list have demand indication definitions. The definitions come in three forms: “in demand,” “not in demand” or “balanced.” These definitions indicate the probability of a job seeker gaining employment in a given occupation. The term “in demand” indicates a greater probability of gaining employment. The term “not in demand” indicates a lesser probability and “balanced” indicates an uncertain probability between success and failure in gaining employment.

Verified Employers

The search tool covers currently enrolled employers and allows individuals to search employer profile that includes the business name, the city, state, and post code of the employer, the employer’s workforce size etc.

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